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HTML in unexpected places: How HTML is used in various industries

You’re probably familiar with HTML as a markup language for web pages. But have you ever wondered how HTML is used in other unexpected industries? In this block, we’ll look at some interesting examples of how HTML is used outside of web development.

Interactive books:

With the development of electronic devices and mobile applications, HTML has become a key tool for creating interactive e-books. EPUB publications, for example, can include HTML code to create interactive elements, embedded video and audio files, and responsive design for easy reading on different devices.

Medical applications:

In modern medicine, HTML plays an important role in the development of medical data management applications, electronic health records, and online doctor appointment systems. Using HTML, physicians can create interfaces that make it easy to enter and view medical information, helping to improve the efficiency and accuracy of healthcare delivery.

Art installations:

Yes, you heard right! HTML even finds its way into art and design. Many contemporary artists use HTML and web technologies to create interactive installations and exhibition projects. This could include projections that respond to motion or sound, interactive touch screens and more.

So HTML is much more than just a markup language for web pages. Its versatility and flexibility allow it to be used in a wide variety of fields, from literature to medicine to art.